About Blender Builds

(cgCody) #1

I’ve often been tempted to update to the latest official builds when new features are added, for use on serious work. However, I’ve always assumed that any builds past the one linked on the main page of blender.org are too unstable to trust past testing. I’m curious if that’s really the case though.

I know that builds of a new version like 2.8 will be unstable, but what about the latest official builds? Should they be treated just as potentially unstable, or are they generally safe enough for production?

(English is not my native language) #2

Any non-stable official release is not safe to be used in production… For example, in 2.79 from master/buildbot I am getting from time to time some problems in sclupt mode and also with Undo system. It happens from time to time and they are not always reproducible.

So, this is the most stable build:

(English is not my native language) #3

It happens in any program. The first big release usually has bugs, but as it is widely used, problems are quickly reported and corrected. You see that we have 2.79, 2.79a and 2.79b. “a” and “b” were basically bug fixes.

(cgCody) #4

So it really just sounds like it might be too much of a gamble, then. Thanks for your input, YAFU.


I download the latest build of 2.79 pretty much every other week and use it for production and I’ve never had any problems with it. The only issues I’ve come across are a few addons not being installed correctly, but that can be fixed.