About blender download

I think it would be a good option the ability of download from www.blender.org besides the official version, the latest bugs fixed (daily?, weekly?) , only fixed bugs without adding new tools.

I think the “a” versions could disappear and would be more dynamic update of Blender
also extend the stable releases and make updates of new tools “quieter” for developers and users.

For example:
Download Blender 2.66 production stable / rev.22-2-2013
Bugfix: #34351, #34355, #34370

Not sure if would be possible to automate the current Builbold platform for build Blender only with fixed bugs, or would be too much work for the developers.


Maybe they could just put a link on the download page pointing to buildbot, stating that you can get daily builds there.

Hi, I think there is a link to BuilBot on the download page, in the right side.
The idea is to have a stable construction updated with bug fixes

Never saw that before, if they just make it more visible I think it will be fine.

IMHO could help with the “a” versions, I prefer stable software for production, with less tools in development

Is it possible that blender updates everyday? like when you turn it on apears windows there is update would you want to update now or later? you press now and it is updateing automaticly.

There are about a gazillion way a somewhat skilled user can fetch the latest build of blender automatically, at least in Windows and Linux.
You can update Blender every 10 minutes (depending on how fast your machine can build it), every day or whenever you like.

And an automatic update would be odd, especially if you update into an svn version with broken functionality or known bugs, then you manually had to revert to get working again what you just could do.

And an autoupdater… if Blender gets network access, it raises a new hell, you need someone to keep it secure and not make it an entry point for malware.

Bear in mind that the OP isn’t looking for the “latest and greatest” Blender. He’s looking for “bugfix Blender”. While not a horrible idea, there are two problems: The speed of development means that there’s going to be a new version in 2 months (-ish) anyway… and there needs to be a developer interested in backporting bugfixes to the current version. This is a thankless, tedious, unexciting task that is further complicated by core code changes that get merged in (especially during Bcon1 and Bcon2).

So… if you want Bugfix Blender, chances are good that either you’re going to have to do it yourself or pay someone a good chunk of change for a really bothersome job.