About Blender Versions

I have blender 2.81.16, i thought to go to much fresh version but i’m not sure if there is importance

Do you know the really good reasons to download maybe 2.90 or 3? 2.81 enough for me, but if there is really important and interesting features in later versions, tell me!

(usually i modeling hard-surface, furniture and simple cartoon scenes)

I use B3.2 and the big thing compared to 2.8x is geometry nodes.

Cycles rendering parameters also changed a lot and is inho worse in a matter of clarity and render quality. in 3.2 if you don’t use denoise, renders are very noisy.

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i know about geometry nodes, but i still don’t need to use it, aparently render works faster than in earlier versions, don’t you know?

No. I don’t… but well… wiki.blender Reference Release_Notes:person_shrugging:


Yes the render is a bit faster but as it is worse ( from my point of view ) speed is of no interrest.

The best you should do is grab the standalone version on blender.org download page → other versions->windows portable zip, and give it a try by yourself with your blends :slight_smile:

This way you don’t mess-up your installed version with a new version and you can try new features.

Happy blending !

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