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Hello !

I am trying to install and enhanced BlenderBase for supporting another software.

I know you are using this software wiht the BlenderBase.

I would be glad to know if have a right score with admin access when looking to unpublished thread.

My title (edit) (delete) UNPUBLISHED
test réponse
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I do not understand what is this “score” . When reading the php script, this fied is not defined with unpublished mode. So I have a “Notice: Undefined index: score in e:\scol\faqscol\index.php on line xxx”.

The only way to define score is to use the query “SELECT *, MATCH text,keywords,title AGAINST(’$key’) AS score FROM faq WHERE…” used with different mode.

I suppose I should set $score to “” just not to have this notice because I think it occurs only since PHP 4.2+ (globals off etc.)

But I would be glad to understand what is the purpose of this variable.

If you think I should ask contact someone else about that, just tell me.
Thank you a lot for your help.