about chace animation

is it possible to cache animation full scene so it would be in real fps ? now i have 15 fps in viewport and i can’t see it in real time, thank you!

If you’re not getting real time, you need to reduce poly’s in the viewport. Easiest way is the go to the scene settings and turn on simplify, with subdivision set to 0 or 1 depending on your computer.

Another way, is to do an open GL render, It is the perfect way to get the timing correct for your animation because you get the correct FPS for heavier scenes. I would try daren’s recommendation first, if you still are not getting the correct FPS than consider doing an open GL render…it’s lighting fast and quickly allows you to time and set up everything correctly…Before you render.

this is great! open GL is cool just what i needed, on simplify is difficult because i am using a lot of objects, but i did on other objects just to see bounds, and copy atribute