About composition

Was this composition is strong or weak? Are these textures look realistic?

Is this rendered in cycles or blender internal? For me, something is wrong with the lighting. I think you did a great job on the wood texture, but I am not a huge fan of floor texture.

Do a Google search on warehouse floors:

As far as composition, it is nice, but not amazing. This image is a lot more time consuming, but the composition is amazing:

Nice start!

What is the goal of your image? What are you trying to present? What does it mean? If you have no answers for those, then it will be difficult to create an image that engages beyond pure aesthetics. There is not much happening, with only boxes and floor, so it is almost impossible to tell a story with just those two components.

You seem to have generated a centre of interest on the isolated box in the middle, but the viewer would have to be seriously extrapolating the scene in their mind in order to create any meaning from it. The general truth is that when you can incorporate a story or meaning to a picture, or provide the seeds for the viewers imagination, then you will have a much more engaging image.

Texturing needs a bit of work, the edges are too sharp, and too perfectly straight. Maybe bevel the edges slightly and make the wood edges slightly uneven.

As Matt says, it seems to be missing a story - it reminds me of a CG image I saw many years ago, can’t remember exactly what it was but it was something like this:

Gives a little bit of mystery about what might be in the box.

You could add a mouse trap and some mouse droppings.
The boxes are really nice. I’d pull the camera back and make the scene wider. Duplicate even more boxes.

Thank you very much for your valuable advice.

I started from a single box I prepared for sale.

Rendered in cycles with HDRI lighting

But then I found that i can get more out of this topic.

I added a little rounding at the edges but it’s not enough. The floors have not yet worked out. I meant more in the case of the overall composition. and here I see that I have on this hard work.

In this scene also used the cycles, but i use spotlight.

I really liked storytelling by Spaced and i think i could go in that direction.


The composition is very weak. It would help if the crates don’t face in exactly the same direction as it looks very fake and unatural. Not to mention very uninteresting. Also I think you have a ‘shading’ artifact. If you look closely, the shading of the ‘braces’ (?) of the boxes form triangles of light and dark when it should be plain flat one shade as the surfaces are flat. This usually happen if you apply smooth shading on very low polygonal meshes and on surfaces that should not be smooth like, say, if you smooth shaded the default cube.