About DirectXExporter which Mr. Ben developed.

I have some problems about DirectXExporter which Mr. Ben developed.

I cannot get a result of expectation even if I output the model that I edited by Blender as a Xfile format.

A cartoon film is not output even if I open Xfile output with a Xfile viewer, and mesh is missing.
For reference, I add the sample which I simplified.
Please teach it if there is a person having a solution.
Thank you.


This is the output I get exporting…and it seems right;)


P.S.You must have a 3d window visible when exporting!!!


I thank for your reply.
When 3DVeiwPort was opened, I succeeded in export.
However, I did not succeed in export of MyProblem.blend when 3DVeiwPort was opened.
At a glance, in the case of MyProblem.blend, DirectXExporter seems to output hierarchical structure simply.
I do not yet remember Python.
It may be difficult for me to understand a source code of Mr. Ben clearly.
But I take a source code of Mr. Ben into account and want to examine a cause.
Please reply if you understand something.

Thank you.

MyProblem.blend has two different meshes parented at one bone and
deformed by the same armature.
DirectX cannot accept more than one mesh deformed by a skeleton and
cannot accept objects parented to different bones(frames).
It has nothing to do with the exporter.It’s a condition of the DX file format.

I made Armature of a parent and a child as separate objects.
However, a script error happened when I was going to export it.:frowning:
After all must it be a skin mesh format when I want to transform mesh by Armature?


Can you post the script you are using I probably have it, I have a bunch of .x exporters and I cant get any of them to export animation that I can use. I think I need dx7 type files for the engine I am playing with. also a link or direction to convert .x file version or a way to modify this script.

x shr1k:
You can find all versions here, but for 2.42 there’s no exporter
for dx7.Have to use old versions of Blender.
…as regarding dx9(or dx8) can use the DirectXexporter in Blender 2.42

x Mou:
I repeat, You cannot export two different objects parented to one
Armature in DirectX File Format!!!


I have got a problem with the exporter, too (Blender 2.42).

When I create a texture from an image-file (jpg), this texture is shown on my model in Blender correctly.

But when I export the model with the DirectX-Exporter, the references to the texture-file are missing in the X-File.

In the examples from Ben I saw, that texture-files CAN be exported into a X-File, but I don’t know HOW to do that.

Can someone please help me?


You can export only UV textures.

I was not able to reply for a while.
I’m sorry.
I edit mesh according to advice now.
Thank you very much.