About forums, like this one!

(TheHobbit) #1

I am just curious about forums such as this one. Is there a way to get or make one free? Or do you buy one for your site or what? If this is a stupid question sorry. Ok, well if you can help me figure out how to maybe get my own forum great! Thanks for your time people :D.

(SatoriGFX) #2

There are lots of free forum software packages available. Just do a search for bulletin board software on Google and also Sourceforge and you will get alot of hits.


(Timothy) #3

or just look at my disclaimer and find to link to the phpBB group :slight_smile:


It’s an excellent forum (obviously) and best of all,… free

(S68) #4

The problem is another.

All these forums, albeith free, relies on a MySQL database for storing informations. And are in PHP.

Your provider will most probably grant a PHP enabled server for free, it is the standard now, but a MySQL server is another thing. My provider doesen’t give me a MySQL space for free, and most I know doesn’t either.

Furthermore disk space is an important issue. to have a forum you must have a big account, which is seldom for free.



(Timothy) #5

This forum (mysql d-base) is currently taking up 5mb,… that’s for almost 500 registered members and more than 4000 posts.

So it’s not that big,… yet the load and bandwith are quite heavy.

I do believe there are some free forums out there which don’t rely on a mysql database, yet they store everything in files. These databases however are most likely to have less features etc.


(TheHobbit) #6

Thanks people, I bookmarked that nice site and I’ll keep in mind the banwidth and all. I think I will check into how much banwidth I have on my site and make sure I don’t go over. Or I might see how much it costs to get a website with a larger amount so I can have a forum later on if my website gets any hits at all! Thanks everyone! :o