about game texture and python

(eddie) #1

Do somebody know how to delete a game texture, I try everythink, but I don’t find a solution :frowning: . And … I’d like to know how to include a python script in logic brick.

(OOPz) #2

If you remove all links to the data, then move/rename the file on your harddrive it seems to work (may need to unpack the file first)…

Bit of a sloppy answer… but the alternitive is to append EVERYTHING Else into a blank file.

Id be very interested to hear if theres a correct way to do this myself

(ndnchief) #3

I looked I can save tga as rgb, but find nothing with rgba. Is it a layer I add then flatten the image before i save. I am not great with Photoshop am I missing something, or should I just download gimp? (the reason I say gimp, is because the tutorial i used uses gimp, but does say I could use photoshop also)

The NDN…

P.S. I’ll go check out photoshop again and see if I can get anywhere, UGH!!!

(ndnchief) #4

Wrong post, I need sleep, again I apologize…

The NDN…

(OTO) #5

To delete game textures, first delete links in the UV editor na save the file.
Then unpack your file in current directory or choose one.
After that browse your hard drive to find the directory with the (unpacked) textures and delete the ones you don’t want to keep.
Then in Blender repack the file and save.
Normally this works…i hope :slight_smile:


(eddie) #6

Eh ! thank you, it’s work. But I’d like to begin to learn python, but I don’t find a good web site about python tutorial, I’d like to have a website where I will learn how to use python in my logic brick and where it show all blender function and it’s description. If you can help me, then answer me.

(saluk) #7

You can check out my python tutorial at http://mysite.iptic.com/spinhead/blender.html. It’s not really that great, and I have been slow in coming out with the next part,but it could get you started.

(eddie) #8

Wow saluk, you did a great work, this is exactly what I wanted. Thanx a lot. :slight_smile:

(saluk) #9

Sure thing, that’s what it’s there for.

(gorgan_almi) #10

Great tute Salek! :smiley:

Whens the next instalment coming out?

(saluk) #11

Wont have time for another installment until I release my next demo. Right now all my time (outside of school and sleeping off school) is devoted on that.

Which will be great:)

Hopefully finish it in a few days, but I can’t promise nothing.