About getting work

I saw a friend I haven’t talked to for more then 12 years. Hes been making web sites. He has made many many web sites for small local business in our local area and they are all cookie cutouts, nothing original, no fancy js.
The 2 things I think he has done right
One, He is a people person, he talks to everyone.
Two, He worked local .
I think if you can and know how you can work online and sell all over the world. But there is another market that is getting passed by and that is the business owner that is mostly off line who can use art. The local ma and pa. Its a shrinking market ( here in the US that’s another story ). Many TV commercials I see on TV suck. I saw a green screen put on to a local bill board for a TV chimerical that just sucked green was flashing spots. My computer guy been fixing computers back in the day thought it took 50,000 dollars of software to green screen well. I think local people do not know what is available.
You may not get rich or you may.
These are just some of my thoughts.

Also, I forgot about my other friend. she shoots camera/ video . She just got back from Kenya, got 3 money shots whatever that is. Does she eat sleep and dream photography like some of us? No she likes horses. I think here Husband got her the connections for shooting video.
I’m just trying to say. When you get out of school you will still need alot of effort. My brothers daughter went to cal arts. The school cost so much money you would think why do you need a job if you can afford the school? She is a stay at home mom now.
You may not go to work for Pixar but there are many many related jobs you may like.
Im just trying to say you will need your imagination after school . Also there are these things called paint brushes that are really cool and can get you a job.
Just my thoughts before I have my coffee maybe I should get coffee first.
Good morning ya all

I agree, the local market gets surpassed quite a bit. I have two local clients, one is in school studying Arts. Studio arts to be exact. He often shoots short films he wrote himself. I have yet had a chance to work with him, but there is talk. Then I have a client, who dabs into a bit of everything, Journalism, short films, screen writer, director, producer, you name it, he is into it. I have done some work with him, even some free work to get my name out there. However the draw back with him is that he starts alot of things, but does not follow through to finish them.

Local market is always good, the reason I say this, is that online, yes you are available to everyone WORLD WIDE, but so is a long list of other CG artist. So competition is fierce. Locally you may not have as much competition.