about how many faces...

about how many faces should i be aiming for for a gun on my fps? my current is 1700. Is that too many?

Hi there I was going to try and help u out but I got lost in your sentence would you mind re-typing it again more understandable thank you.
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ok. So i have a gun for my first person shooter game, and it has 1700 polys. is this too many? will too many polys on a single object slow the game down? thanks.


170…yes 170 will be perfect
maybe 300 or 400 if you want to “impress” a bit
Or keep the 1700 if you’ll make a game with only the gun and some plans :slight_smile:

Hi there I just got back from school :frowning: Boring day as always lol. I think I am to late to finish answering.

OTO Has answered it for me :wink:

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death where the hell do you live, that looked like perfect english to me, and it was to the point.

and yeah, 1700 is a bit, maybe show a pic of the gun, maybe people could show you where you wont need as much detail etc.

http://img389.imageshack.us/img389/9216/sniper3dc.jpg 1874 faces. ugh.

Hi there. Well I live in Canada Artaures nice place. And Clone dadd that model of your gun look’s very nice.


thx. My second attempt at a gun model.

well i reduced it to 185 polys %|


Your seccond gun look’s even better then the first one.

But just wondering are you making a first person shoting game ?


How many polys you want depends on what you are doing with it. 185 polys is enough for enemy who is carrying a gun or a gun “pickup”, but too low for a gun held by the main character.

As you mentioned you are creating an first person shooter i’d go for 500-600 polys including the hand. You wont get much slow down with this.

I cant tell from your model if you have done this or not, but remeber to delete any faces that the player wont see, you can save quite a few polys this way.

Hope that helps.

id stick with your first model because the second one looks like some pea shooter. Since its an FPS you wont see the stock i dont think, and the hand would be covering the grip. You could take away w/e is under the barrel, stand? I dont see much point in that part of the gun. Try reducing the scopes polys too.