About Lightflow, Targa and the GIMP

I have a question, when I render an image with lightflow and I open it in Gimp, for some reason the background is transaprent, this results in images with a huge transparent background, but the funny thing is that when I use blender image viewer I can see the whole image with no problem. My question is if I’m doing something wrong in Gimp to see the background?


I think Gimp loads alpha channels by default and uses them to specify transparency. I haven’t used lightflow, but you could try rendering to 24 bit images or 16 bit images; that might fix the problem. I’d bet Blender doesn’t support alpha rendering by default, so that’s why Blender renders look okay.

The other solution is to simply add a layer underneath your render and fill it with black. But rendering without alpha should fix your problem.

Thanks Kattkieru, I also downloaded XnView, http://www.xnview.com/ which is a free software that can open a zillion of different graphic files and change it in to a different format. Thanks.

Hi Tlaloc58!
Thanks for the link on XNView!!! I was having trouble with Croosroads.