About Lip Synchronization

what is the EASIEST way in making lip synch in blender? please answer

I think there’s a Python script, but it guesses. The only way to get anything of worth would be to animate every part.

Hi, welcome to the forums. Could you be more specific with your question? “Lip sync” covers a wide range. You can simply make a duck open and close its bill in time with speech sounds, or animate a human character’s mouth shape to match phonemes accurately which is an advanced technique requiring knowledge of armatures shape keys. Some techniques are described here and here.

If you want something more exotic like making a character flap its lips automatically in time with a song, that’s not something you’ll find built in to Blender as B4J says above.

I found the script. but how to use it? it only says “Select a mesh object and create all IPO curves for the shape”

I have never used, but when you figure it out you’ll probably have to edit the animation to make it look right. Like I said it guesses. I hope you find help.