About mirroring, layers, grouping and normal mapping

Hello there!

I’ve used Blender for around 12 hours now in total (and before that I experienced only 6 hours with Wings3D before changing the application) so even though I think I’ve grasped a lot by experimenting myself and reading a bunch of tutorials, I still need some help with my current (and first) modeling project. I posted this in the basics section since most of my questions shouldn’t be too hard to answer.

First of all, I’ve been modeling teeth for my model. I made two separate cubes and placed them on one side of the gums. Now I want to group them so that when I enter edit mode, both of them become editable (when I tried the ‘create a new group’ command, it worked only in the object mode).


Now, when I want to mirror these teeth so that they have the same distance to the cursor set in the centre of my model (which is also mirrored from the centre), it just doesn’t seem to work. The new teeth just appear at a certain distance which makes me want to pull my hair out. The only solution I have for this at the moment (because of my lack of knowledge of Blender) is to snap the teeth to the middle, mirror them, and then start moving them to their right places. I think there is a faster way of doing this, I hope.


Could someone link me to a tutorial on using layers? It would really speed up my process since at the moment I have all my meshes in the same layer which makes the wireframe view terribly cluttered.

Normal mapping
I’ve found some tutorials on normal mapping but most of them just tell you how to make one - not how to apply it on the model. I’d also like to know what’s the workflow like when you first make a low poly mesh, start making it into a high-poly one and then normal map the initial base mesh.

That’s all for now, I really need those answers so that I can get on with my first 3D modeling project ever.

Grouping: you can only edit one object at the same time, at least as far as I know. You can join two objects with Ctrl + J
Mirroring: Blender mirrors in accordance to the axises. at any rate, mirroring is not recommended for the final render. It’s best to model one half of the animal and then duplicate/mirror (the one in edit mode, M key)/remove doubles
Normal mapping: to apply a normal map, you have to use the image in the “Texture Tab” in Material Tab and check “Nor” in the Map To tab. There are other settings, but I don’t remember them. I think Feeblemind had some tuts on it.

Hope that helps


Thanks for the quick reply! I still got to sort that layer stuff out but at least I’m progressing now.