About my first post-under moderation due to link

After searching I found out there’s a 15 post threshold .
But now I have made the additional 15 posts, does my 1st post show up, does it still need moderator check, or do I need to repost my original post?

I do not want to be redundant due to being new here and having this 15 minimum limit. But if waiting doesn’t help, I do want to (re-)post it.

Anyone, any idea if after 15 posts, this first posts will be posted, or is it already deleted or such?

That’s a very good question. I find myself in the same boat. I’ve waited over a week, and now I’m not sure if the only post that I actually care about will ever be seen.

In addition, they should mention the 15 post threshold somewhere so that when somebody is creating a first post they are aware of that rule.

I agree on this, but it seems to be the way it is.

About posting: your former posts (with links in it, and thus not posted until you reach the threshold) will probably never be checked or posted at all. So you can repost these, without being redundant…

Dang it, I was really hoping I wouldn’t have to repost, but it’s been so long since my original post the mods probably wouldn’t even be able to find it.

I like to know why some (NEW) members can post with links ?

Just ain’t right…