About Particle: Two sources in the scene generating particles

partical learn.blend (1.7 MB)
I only give one object particle property, but in the animation there are two source generating particles.
Why this happens?

If you disable the particles and enable the Btool in edit mode you can see that at frame 41 there is… nothing… but i believe the particle system jyst makes an error here … ?? becauser particle on nothing ?? Maybe there is actually one vertex because of the boolean (blenders boolean operations aren’t the absolute ultimate best in the world… how could they…)

Susanne also has a open skull after frame 21 until 25 and a hollow complete in 31 (no eyes).

Interesting effect… nevertheless…

Or: set Particle Emmission End Frame to 40 … suzanne is already vaporized then :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: