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So there are ads in the gallery slider at the top of the site now… That’s really low. It’s a pity. This damages the reputation of the forums. At least in my eyes for sure. Sets a different context. It is supposed to be a place to talk about CG and Blender, but now it is also a place for spam. There are a lot of people here selling stuff, but one has to find them by search, by one’s individual interests - that is nice. But now that is changing - you will just shove everything you want people to see in their faces, because why not? I see no difference from email spam. That is unwanted advertisement that gets in the way when I am looking for content that I actually want to see. It’s a real pity. I am sad to see this.

Well, I think forum servers doesn’t run for free and people who take care about this forums have to eat, pay bills, etc. Soo if that helps thems to keep the forum running I can live with adds in the main bar on the top.

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As @ajarosz said, we have to pay the bills somehow. And personally, I’d prefer it if we could finance our operation using ‘Blender only’ products instead of AdSense which is often not that relevant.

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There is already a huge banner that does not take up space that would other wise be used for artwork from the forums. It’s not about the fact that you do it, it’s about how.

Yes, I agree that it’s a bit much now, but Black Friday IS the craziest day of the year like this. I don’t expect things to be like this on normal weeks.

We don’t know if that huge banner pais all forum bills so we should not throw rocks on bartv or enyone else. They do awesome job. Keep it up @bartv !

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Do you ever consider others, different minds being & taking part of this community?
Keeping in touch with delusions & hypocritical exploitation of ignorance? Taking pride in celebrating occupation & genocide? Just makes a human being wonder… why such dogma?

But i guess it’s matter over mind - Profit! no matter what or who gets hurt.
In which case i’d love to see no forum at all.

Today, everyone is suddenly a good soul & a friend.

*IDK. Doubt? Momentary lapse of reason? Guess i don’t like an image of our systematic machinery… or myself… cogito malus, ergo sum malus - tho each moment is thanksgiving.
had to express it, have to experience conscience… to forgive
amazing yes, thanks

Literally i see NO problem with that

Lol, you can’t be serious right?

@bartv how dare you earn a living! First ads, now Patreon?! Why can’t you just exist out of pure altruism and poor all your time and money into running this site out of the goodness of your heart! Just take out a second mortgage on your home, then rotate balance transfers on your credit cards. You’re not actually paying @fweeb are you?! If you are, then stop it. And if it comes to it, I’m sure there’s some kind of government assistance program for the homeless you could take advantage of…


You are right. We should all start sending email spam to earn more. There is too little of that in the world and we need to make a living and it’s all good because of that – because we need it. I didn’t see that first because I did not understand why they put advertisement everywhere, but it all makes sense to me now that you explained it to me via sarcasm - thank you, cgCody. I now enjoy seeing things that I don’t want to see in all kinds of unexpected places that exist for something else. Please forgive me for my previous foolishness - I did not know…

The Ads are definitely overkill. Even though I have gotten used to them, it makes the forum look clumsy.

Yep, ads aren’t great. If you become a supporter on our Patreon we’ll remove them though.

I’m glad we’re on the same page, then.

Seriously though, nobody likes ads. Even Bart doesn’t like ads ^^. But they’re a necessary evil. Period. And then to come in here and express such a nasty attitude towards it, when Patreon is an option? THAT is low.

If you want your thread to be taken seriously, and without sarcasm, maybe try some CONSTRUCTIVE criticism. How would YOU propose Bart pay for the massive bandwidth and storage costs associated with a website of this size? Or should it just be out of his own pocket as long as it’s not bothering or costing you anything?


Don’t let us fool you that adds are just to keep this site running and pay people for their jobs. The truth is that @bartv and the rest of the team like luxury cars. I’m pretty sure that I’ve seen them buying a few new ferraries. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’m not sure why you’re saying this. Seems like a stretch. Spam and advertisement are not the same thing. Are you recieving spam from BA?

It’s OK now, there was an ad in the gallery slider and it seemed a bit too much to me. I get that the site needs income, I get advertisement is a good way to get it, that’s understandable. However I do block ads with ad blockers myself. And when somebody defeats them it certainly does not mean that I am going to see the ads and then rush out the door to buy the stuff in them - it just pisses me off. And this is not going to change - I am not going to start looking at ads because I want to support Blenderartists.org - I am sorry, I do wish the site well, I truly do, but it is not going to happen. The thing is - I cannot block the gallery slider because I want to see the content in it so putting ads in it is very intrusive from my point of view. I do realize this is not a big deal on it’s own, however I also see this as a disturbing direction things are moving towards. It would be really sad to see more and more things like that, that’s why the strong reaction. If ads find their way to the site’s core features, what will be next? The site’s messaging system?.. It’s never going to happen? Are you sure? Facebook does it with it’s messenger. Why not take it as an example?.. No, that would not be cool. I just want to voice a serious concern. A regular banner with ads is fine, Patreon is a wonderful way to get support as well, campaigns for support like the one we had when the site was migrating also is perfectly understandable. But sites features full of ads?.. I will just stop using it. Well big deal, who cares about you using the site? Yes, nobody cares, but how many will do the same and say nothing? I don’t know. But it’s something to consider.

You realize that by blocking advertisements, as you describe, you make the people running this forum have to look for other ways to earn, such as, I do not know, placing ads in the gallery bar because monetization is not enough from regular ads? So well, you can be mad on yourself that ads appear in new places. Writing about that regulars ads are fine for you and in same post writing about that you block them is just hypocrisy.

Yes, but what do you suggest I should do? Should I start looking at ads that I do not want to see because of a good cause? That is not going to happen with me and that is not going to happen with millions of other people, who block ads same as me. This is a fact. They should be looking at other ways to earn, other ways to advertise. I don’t know - I am not paid to think about it, but if for example some artwork makes it to the gallery because it is amazing AND some commercial add-on or product was used… Then it reaches me. I will check that add-on. How should they profit from that? I don’t know. But I think this is not a bad question to ask.

And I’d like to have few million bucks!!! (waiting…) well, not happening. So you there are few options for you. First, you can disable adblocker for this website. If you don’t want to see ads use patreon - it is just 2,5$ for a banner-free website. It none of those options are good for you to stop crying that people are trying to keep this forum going and not doing this from their own money! If you don’t want to even see ads on the website that cost you nothing how you expect that people will run this site from they own money and spend days for maintaining it for free? There is no magic way of this site run fo free, be aware of it. (sorry for the language, changed).