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(Bart Veldhuizen) #23

Language please.

(Martynas Žiemys) #24

I am dealing. And will be dealing with it the way I see fit. And I am not crying. The purpose of this is to express my view, share my thoughts on the subject, give feedback. I thought about that before posting. I would not say anything and risk making a fool of myself in case most people do not agree with me if this was any other site, I dedicate time to this because I like Blenderartists.

(Bart Veldhuizen) #25

That’s fair. And I like your idea of promoting products through art made with them, but that’s mostly up to the creators, it’s hard to productise on this end. I’m at least trying to promote products that are related to or relevant for Blender users.

I can relate to your decision to use an ad-blocker, but it does make it hard for us to break even if everyone does that. It would be great if you could consider supporting us through Patreon, thanks!

(Martynas Žiemys) #26

Tell you what - if I make money with a product that I have a thread about on these forums, I will donate a generous percentage of it to the site. That would sound very fair to me. And there is a chance of this happening after 2.8 is released - I am slowly working on one idea.

I think it is also not a bad idea to encourage other people making money on the site to support it if they are not doing that already.

(Bart Veldhuizen) #27

Awesome. And yep, that’s exactly what we’re doing: