? about render and camera view

Hi All,
I have a project that is getting larger by the day… I was wondering about the render and final out. IF I add more objects and materials IF THEY ARE NOT on the shot does Blender try and render those too?

IGE: a room with 3 camera angles, is it best to create each angle as a separate layer as it’s own?

Please no guessing here… I am wanting to know for time sake. Via render vs re create another scene to be swifter when rendering.

In general renderers tend to compute every objects (normals) that are in the scene, then finds which of those objects (normals/faces) are facing the camera and ought to be rendered. So yeah, off camera objects (and faces pointing away from the camera) are impacting render time, but it depends on their complexity (a cube will have less impact than a 2 million poly object).

Personally, I would go with different scenes, as the lighting for one angle would perhaps not be ideal for the other angles.

It’s usually reasonable to group objects into layers according to their purpose in the scene, and to cause a particular camera only to “see” those layers that you know it should consider. This will save computer-time, as will breaking assets into separate libraries and linking only to those that you need. It requires careful advance planning, and consistency. You need to come up with a plan, write it down, and use it carefully for all shots and all components thereof. (Every shot has its own “breakdown.”)

Usually, I set up a master file with all of the cameras, and links to all the objects, and from these I have a “shot file” which links to a single camera and to the visible assets. (Thus, two levels of library indirection.) The “shot files” use “scenes” to provide further breakdown, and all of these are eventually rendered. It’s a lot of paperwork but it saves hours of time … and time is what you just don’t have.

Great advice and help on this one. Appreciate it. I am to understand just to create my other shots in other layers within that file and when rendering out to do it per layer as desired. This is a way to have my materials / nodes avail to match through out with out bogging my puter down for all scenes on one layer…? Will do. If I misunderstood in regards to layers please advise

What would be slick (not sure if avail) is to be able to sub folder within a scene. Like IN Adobe stuff.
As I steal a copy of a floor from one scene and drag it into another layer just label folders according to layers