About rotating the view

Hi. Just asking, how does rotating the view work? I mean what sort of point does the view rotate on? I wanted to know if the user can adjust this so that when rotating the view the movement would be just right, because sometimes when I rotate my view, the whole model just rotated away instead of changing the view on a smaller scale. Thanks!

In many cases it is more comfortable if ‘Rotate around selection’ in User Preferences —> Interface is enabled. I even made this my default setting…

By default it rotates around the center of the 3dview. With the default grid in the middle this would be the 0.0.0. location, but by panning the view you’d shift the rotation point.

In User Preferences under Interface you can set it to Rotate around Selection.

And in the 3dview Properties you can enable Lock to Cursor (rotating happens around the 3dcursor)