about rotoscoping

rotoscoping is ,as you know,the process to detach some part of the movie (like a character or something else) and then use it in any form.

there is a good tutorial about this:


the thing i wanna ask to ppl who make rotoscoping is…is there an easy method to mesh animate over the desired video(the object we want to detach-or rotoscope)

i thought rvk system might work good…also the glow effect is usefull…

what else might be used?i heard that filmgimp like things are used on such things however i use Xp so i can not use it…any advice?

That’s very interesting - I especially appreciate the way it deals with making your rendered image the same quality as the video.

amazing, i wasnt familiar with this type of rotoscoping. I assumed that rotoscoping is just outlining individual frames.

i think that much easier script might be written,it will probably be written for another platform(probably a gimp script-fu) but it can be.