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Am I missing something or in Blender if you want to sculpt in detail you have to have ‘millions’ of vertices? Please tell me I’ve missed something… If I’m wrong please point me in the direction of a few good tutorials.
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Mesh density is mesh density is mesh density. No matter if you sculpt in Zbrush, Mudbox or Blender if you are trying to put millimetric detail everywhere on a mountain you’ll run out of computer resources. On the opposite, if you are engraving a small Object it is unlikely that you will need that many vertice.
Opposite to other sculpt programs, Blender can’t subdivide only a portion of the mesh <edit>when in multires</edit>. Nothing forbids though to model with a finer mesh where you know that you will need greater detail. For example you know in advance that age lines are in areas like under the eyes, around the mouth, on the forehead so see to it to have more vertice there, proportionally to the rest, from the moment you model. Dont use more vertice than the minimum necessary, taking into account the SubD on the top, back, side of the head, the ears, the nose, places where there are usually no wrinkles.

That’s the story.


yes it can. in edit mode, select the verts you want to and click subdivide (mesh tools or w popup)


since we are talking sculpting here I supposed that multires was applied. It never crossed my mind to subdivide like you say ; if we do we must take great care not to create 5-poles anywhere we intend to sculpt: they end up forming pinches that are nearly impossible to smooth out properly.

Something else I forgot to mention: while sculpting it is possible to hide part of the mesh which eases up the UI refresh rate greatly.


Ok so i have to have millions of faces/edges/vertices but could you point me in the direction of some good tutorials? Much apreciated.
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Concept: http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Manual/SculptMode

He should really read about Multires, Retopo and NormalMaps too. Otherwise he’ll remain stuck with his multi-million vertice obsession


Thanks guys! I know about NormalMaps, but don’t know anything about Retopo.
Thanks for the helpful sergestions! But why are you talking about me in 3rd person? :confused: