About Soundtracks...

I feel bad that everyone offers me help and advice and I’m still a noob at blender so…

I’ll ask…do you ever wish you could add an original soundtrack to your game without stressing about copyrights? Here’s one solution: Go to where you can download the latest express version of ACID. It’s very good looping software for the novice musician. Bonus: Every week AcidPlanet offers an 8Pack of loops, ROYALTY FREE, for mixing. The material is a wide range of techno, Urban, HipHop, Industrial, Metal (perfect for creating atmosphere.) Acid is very usesr friendly. You can scroll tracks, move tracks change bps for a track and even record your own loops (need wave editor to render track, not recomended for the novice) ACID PRO itself costs a few hundred dollars but the biggest difference in the express version is that it doesn’t come equipped with a wave editor, and it only has the capability of editing 10 tracks per project (which I’ve found is enough, unless you’re a musician.)

Check it out and let me know how it works out.

P.S. You can also purchase loop libraries (those are "public domain"as well.) but after collecting loops for a few months you should have plenty of material to work with.

I’ll try it for you. Guitar Pro is very difficult to learn if you barely know anything about music.

WHAT some poeple actually still use guitar pro ?! XD
man use FL studio its way better!