About starting a blender-blog

For the years I’ve been using blender it have just been me in my room. But I decided that my work should be toward a blog so I can set goals for my blendering.
But… I don’t know what platform the blog should be based on(website). Should I start something on blogger, tumblr, twitter, home made joomla site or someting else? Every one has their pros and cons
I think some people here have some experience that can become advice because I have barely any idea at this point. :spin::spin:
Sorry for grammar and spelling mistakes, probably are some… :eyebrowlift2:

Hi there ! well I would be very happy to share a few tips that might help you on your quest :slight_smile:

If you want to start sharing your work and get some feedback, etc … I wouldn’t really bother with a blog ; I would recommend to start using at least :

blendswap.com >
share your blends with some friends.
blenderartists.org > Ask questions, opinions and get involved + share some useful links.

After that, if you find some spare time and you think that a blog could be really useful then go for it ! only downside is that it can be very time consuming… anyway, good luck !

I use https://x10hosting.com/ with Wordpress, fully free :slight_smile: Only thing I pay for is domain, dead easy to set up. Blogger works too. What solarforge says is true, but if you want to have a blog to track your progress, why not? :slight_smile: Just don´t expect 1000 visitors in a week without also working social networks/forums. Do it for yourself first, and then see what happens.

You could start a thread in the Sketchbook section. You might get more feedback here on BA than elsewhere.