About states and 2.47 actuator

Hello everyone!

I´m working with some logic bricks with the new states. I want to use an ipo and when the animation finish, go through another state (adding another bit state and sub before one). But actuator sensor with ipos seems to act a bit weird. I use an actuator sensor inv, so when the ipo actuator finishes, the sensor detects it. When I return to this state (for another reasons) then it actives the actuator sensor… I’m thinking I can´t do that this way. Any ideas please? I´ve been reading about the actuator sensor but… I don’t know how to do want I’m trying. Thx!!

Actuator sensor can be used to detect the end of an actuator but you have to do it in this way: leave the Inv and Lvl button out and use a NAND controller.

Explanation: actuators are always usually off when the state starts and the Inv button makes the sensor sensitive to On-Off transition => the sensor will see the initial Off state of the actuator as an On-Off transition and will immediately generate a trigger.

By leaving the Inv button off, you make the sensor sensitive to Off-On transition but this will have no effect on the NAND controller. The On-Off transition that occurs when Ipo actuator stops causes another trigger that is converted to a positive event by the NAND controller.

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Thank you!!

Anyway I was doing another thing between states that makes something odd so… I was blaming the sensor actuator. But now it´s fixed :slight_smile: thx!!