about Subsurf and blendergame

(Lombriz) #1

Ok, I managed to (don’t ask me how :stuck_out_tongue: ) play an animation in a browser through the blender 3d web plugin, but here are some problems I still have. If someone could help me, please, I’d be very grateful :slight_smile:

So I hit the P key and the blendergame starts the animation, but all the meshes appear blank (why doesn’t material and texture show there?). I can avoid the color issue by painting the vertex of the meshes (though it isn’t probably the best solution).
Then, subsurfed meshes don’t appear subsurfed, but only the original faces of the mesh.
And finally, why appears that big blender logo and web address in the browser window (it hides half the scene). Does it have something to do with the publisher? Do I have to own a publisher to avoid it or is there another way?


(dwmitch) #2

For the textures you can either stick with vertex painting, change the vertex color, or try UV mapping (don’t have time to explain now. Just do a search for UV mapping)

As for the subsurfaces, the game engine doesn’t support them. To get the look you have to convert them, but then you’ll end up with a high poly count model, which you could probably do without.

(Lombriz) #3

Well, thanks. Than only leaves the blender logo hiding the scene. How can I avoid it (It’s not that I wouldn’t give proper credits and thanks to blender guys, but it just ruins the animation :-? )

(theeth) #4

Unless you have a Publisher liscence, there’s no way to remove the logo.


(Lombriz) #5

And since I cannot purchase one I’m doomed to have it (the logo) on the screen… oh, well… :wink: