? about technical data being displayed ( cad measurements )

Hoping that someone has brought this up before or working on it but I would like to find out is there is a way to make blender output a technical draft with messurements shown just as a autocad blueprint would.
I’m spending what time I have to search for this answer but sometimes it’s right there under your nose and you don’t see it, any and all help would be greatly appreciated.
Also if this is completely the wrong place for such a post, sorry : ( just feel like I’m running circles here.

Thanks a million

The closest you’ll get is if, in Edit mode, in F9 buttons, in the ‘Mesh Tools 1’ tab you turn on Edge Length, Edge Angles and Face Area. If you want numerical input or data hit N for the Transform Properties. Blender is not CAD orientated.


On that note, does anyone know what happened to BlenderCad? Was it dropped in favor of developing makehuman?

Thankyou very much for the fast reply there Fligh %

I will try that and see how it works, I understand that blender is not cad oriented but was curious if anyone has tried to take it down that path. I like the idea that the incriments can be anything you want to imagine, mm or inches… doesn’t matter so if I could find a way that it would draw the incriments it would be fine.

Thanks again for the reply, have a merry christmas


edit: hmmm blendercad, would like to hear more about that one : )