About the 100,000 euro payment to open the sources...

(LethalSideP) #1

Hi guys,
About this payment to open Blender’s sources…obviously it’s not cheap, so do the shareholders want this payment BEFORE the sources are opened, or will they open the sources and accept monthly payments from the Blender Foundation as the money comes in, or something like that?

Sorry if I seem confused, it’s just I’d like to be clear how long it’ll be before we see that dream of ours - an open source Blender… mmm… :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

(still unbelievably ecstatic)

(rndrdbrian) #2

Take a look at http://www.blender3d.com , specifically the bit about the Free Blender Fund! Makes interesting reading! :smiley:


(DAK) #3

I would like to see the store sell those tutorials again for 10$ a pop. If everyone pays 10$ for the nice tutes, we can get there.
Too bad not many people bought them last time :frowning:

I know becasue everyone tried to get ahold of mine!

(Dittohead) #4

To me it seems like they are going to release the executable(s) before they pay afterwords they will release SRC (SouRce Code)

(WingedOne) #5

I bought one of those tutorials. Next day they announced their bankruptcy. It must have been my fault. :-?

(stephen2002) #6

From the site:

"Get the Foundation membership/subscription system in place. Put some interesting downloads in it already (like V 2.25). "

I guess we have to pay for the free software…now what is wrong with that? :-? :wink:

(LethalSideP) #7

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!! That wasn’t on the website when I last looked… Thanx, Blenderheads!

/me get’s his wallet and credit card ready, and briefly considers committing credit card fraud against Bill Gates…he’ll hardly notice, after all :wink:


(Rob) #8

Revenue expectations (July-December 2002)

  • Initial funding (community, e-shop, sponsoring): 100.000
  • Member License subscriptions: 1000 in 6 months, 50.000
  • E-shop revenues general products: 20.000
  • Product License subscriptions: 10 x 5k = 50.000

Total: EUR 220.000

I think this implies that subs fees are not expected to be required to cover the initial payment to the Holding, as it will be covered by sponsorship?


(ton) #9

Oops! That doc has quickly been re-edited by me. I just changed the ‘intial funding’ to go up to 100k (was 20).
Of course (parts of) the other income sources as mentioned will go to the initial funding as well.
It also doesn’t include the sponsor program I want to set up.

Busy, busy, here… it’s a project shaping up.

(kevin3d) #10


Fantastic news about blender. You’re complicating my life…I was ready to look at Carrara or Cinema 4D GO & stay on Windows. Now I’m going to put my coding hat back on & jumping back into the Blendr boat.

(kevin3d) #11

BTW, when is the best time for us to contribute to the 100K euro fee?
www.blender3d.com sounds like we should wait a few weeks. Is this correct or am I an idiot (though these are not mutally exclusive :wink:

(CubeFan973) #12

If I wanted to die of confusion, I’d go watch “Memento,” “The Others,” and “Cube” and try to link them all together! :smiley: :-? :frowning: (then my head would explode)

Seriously, I’m totally confused about this all. Is Blender still free? Or do we STILL have to buy “licenses” to get the latest Blender versions? Is NaN still going to focus on the Game Engine? Will they also add things everyone wants rather than the games community (i.e. sound in the sequence editor–please, we’ve lived 2.25 Blender versions without it and we’re almost insane) ? Please answer me–I’m more confused than when I first watched “Memento!”