About the creation of a game development team

Hi everyone,
I think that it could be great to create a big professionnal game development team because I’d like to know what is exactly the feeling of working in team for the creation of a game. Since I had my first game console that I want to create a game … but I discovered that we cannot do a professional game alone. For me, a professional 3d game development team is when it have at least a game designer, a level designer, a character designer, a person who create sound, a person who create the texture.

I saw many impressive games did with blender, like the games of shadeless.dk, I saw that more people here can do a professional and great work. I really would like to create a team with them or to become one of the member of a team already created.

Answer me soon

ok, I’ll answer you.
Every newbie has always wanted to start a “game development team” Yes, we need our script writers, modelers, texturers, etc, etc,
but nothing EVER comes of it. I wonder whatever happened to all the Community Game Projects. There used to be about 50 of them…
Not one ever turned out.
The rule of thumb is, if you want a game, you are going to make it. Or at best, you and people you know or are in regular contact with…

Joe is right in some things…tell me about it that i’m making a game all by myself.but trying to group a bunch of people to work on a project is not a bad idea,so give it a shot. :smiley:

Also, working in a community project can be a great experience, leading to creation of lasting friendships, even if your project only ends up producing a silly little tag game demo :slight_smile: Who knows, you may find success? I’m busy with my level editor/enhanced game engine right now, so I’m not really available. But good luck anyway, and if I ever finish the darn thing you can use it of course.

enhanced game engine?

actually… its very hard to finish, but saluk is right, even if only a small demo is produced, freindships, aqcuaintances and such…and, maybe if the ideas good enough, and the people are dedicated and good enuff, we could actually finish somehting great! =)


Enhanced game engine meaning it enhances the game engine with a framework to enable developers to make better games. Save/load, better scriptable objects, a linked messaging system, and data management, etc. It’s really just a bunch of tools that I will need for my next game, but I’m sure other users could find it useful. Sorry to advertise in here, didn’t mean to.

Edie: If you’re really dedicated, I would definately suggest starting out with a good idea, and planing that idea out. Then, you can entice people to join your team based on that plan. The sphereriders project only got off the ground because someone had a really interesting idea, and a few of us jumped on it. The project fell apart when the idea guy left. I think you could have a chance at being successful if you have a good idea, are lucky enough to get a good team, and don’t aim your sights too high (for instance, “This game will simulate a huge world of believable artificially intellegent agents who have wars with each other, and you are thrown into the mix to help one of these factions fight, in a fully realized world with deformable terrain, totally unpredictable gameplay, dynamic missions, and the ability to fly or drive 1000 of different vehicles across the landscape”). Hehe, actually even setting up for a game several notches below that is probably still too high of an aspiration:)

Anyway, good luck to you.

Well that’s why an wanted to start blendergames.com here you can start you own game studio, and people can see your idea’s and you can offer “jobs” when you need people. Making a game on your own is madness (A REAL GAME WITH STORY AND ALL) i hope that there will be some game studio’s so that there will be made better games. Games that will be nice to play, and you are willing to play the game. Not only looking what he made and them just turn the game of. wes1

First I’m very happy that many people answered to me. I don’t know how, with who I’ll begin my first game project, but I know one think : we cannot do a game alone, it s too long … I begin one 2d game, alone, and this was a too hard job for me, I had so much job that I always stop my games projects, because I was alone. That why a team is very good, because we can share work and knowledge. 1 mouth ago, I was thinking about building a website in php language to create my game team, but I saw to myself : Do people will participate ? … Hum, but for the moment, I’ll do what saluk told me, to think about a game and don’t aim my sights too high … I think that my first game will be a platform game … If somebody is enough to work alone and want to speak more about my future team then contact me.


1 mouth ago

one mouth? what did you do, kill it?:wink:
Hey, don’t get me wrong, I’d love to see an awesome game made, but I just don’t think that it will last, but yes, Saluk is 100% right. before anyone will join, you have to tell us the whole plot. or atleast have the direction of where the game will go.
BTW, did you ever make a site?

your idea for a game rules, let’s go for it! :wink:




Back to work. I’ll help you out as much as I can eddie.

Joecool -> yes I ever do a web site :wink: , I did many web site in html … But all of these web site are now offline, but during this mouth I did a french web site in php language, yes i’m my first language is french.

I’ll listen to you, I’ll think about a game and will write the small story, characters, item and maybe I’ll think about the levels, but the only problem is that I’m worry about if you’ll like it or not … anyway I’ll work on it and I’ll tell you news soon. Thanx a lot to you guy !


When I tried organizing a team like this I found that I couldn’t get the people I reqruited to participate. I got a good 10 people and organized meetings every week, but again nobody came exept a select 2 or 3 people that I made friends with and still talk to (with msn) today, so i at least made some friends.

it would be great if you could get people to participate, hey, i might even be interested in joining(i’m very good with logicbricks)

Just my 10 cents.


one mouth ago? I think you mean ‘month’
a mouth is what you put your food in :wink:
I’ll excuse you because you are French :stuck_out_tongue:

joecool : Excuse me, This kind of error happen very often, I’m sometime inattentive … :).

Pooba : I hope that I’ll have the chance to have a team where people will participate a lot. I’ll be very happy if you would join to my team … but according to my plan, the programmers will be the last people who will work on the game. Programmers for me is very important because they make the game alive. But first, I need Character designer, level designer and people who will create the textures. I saw that programmer is important, but a game is great when everybody is working and have fun :).

Like I said, my game is a platform game like mario bros or crash bandicut. I hope that you’ll be interested and that I’ll have the chance and we’ll have the patience to finish that work. I don’t want to think big for the moment, I’ll think big when the effort of each of the member of the team will be good.

um … I have an idea of game, but I’d like to tell it to you on a chatroom … tell me where I’ll can chat with you. One thing that you must keep in mind, a team is good when each of the member is ok, however the team will go to scrap. We must be persevering to get a good game and be pround of us.

And Now I’ll speak a little bit about my aptitude. I know the basic of blender, I know how to model and I know how to use logicbricks. I’m able to do web site, to use some 2d graphism software, I work very often with macromedia flash.

See ya

sorry I did again an english error :-? -> «I saw that programmer is important …» It was supposed to be «I said that programmer is important…»

excuse me …

um … I feel like a stupid … I’ll try to become better in english

See ya :smiley: