About the Game itself questions.

So I see lots of tutorials on how to make characters and models and what have you. But what are the formats it can be ran as? Is it only as an EXE. Can it be made to play across multiple different systems? Flash? How [after doing the GPL liscense work around to sell it] would one go about giving the game to the public / where?

Personally atm. I am going to be using Blender to convert my PNG Custom art into 3d, render it back into a PNG or OGG file. Then use it on RPG Maker VX Ace, and IG Maker. But making a more, true 3d variant would be cool as well (sort of like a lite version, for those who true 3d games cause vertigo, or aren’t up there alley, and a more free formed 3d variant for those who like it as well).

But where as in RPG Maker, I can send it to Steam. I have no idea what I’d do with a Blender gamer if I made it.

So basically, what it boils down to is. After a game is made, what systems can run it, and what do you do after it’s made?

You can export to Windows, Mac and Linux. BGE does not run on Android or the web.

For details about GPL, see the sticky thread at the top of this forum.
Yes, you can ‘steamify’ blender games. I’m pretty sure there are a couple on there.

I know that with GPL, all I need to do is make an empty runtime with the Actuator that summons the game itself [in another file in the same directory?]

Any idea how to “Steamify” them? Or do I just go to steam’s contact support and ask them about loading the game up?

for android and web there are external sources(gamekit/burster), android with least support.

also Krum - edge of darkness is a rpg made with blender, it’s greenlit on steam:

While I don’t own a website (for now at least). Burster will be great once I do. Give a better alternative to Flash. Although Steam is still something I’m interested in how they do it. Btw, thank you very much for sharing Burster (I didn’t really get Gamekit, and how it’s all that different from the game engine (other than a click to play option in the game engine.) But thank you none the less.