About the new Blender Artists

You can access some basics stats here:


I like that you want to welcome new users. I’m not quite sure what’s the best way to do this, waiting to hear from the Discourse team about it:

@erickBlender Join date is in the hover card, click the user avatar or name. Users online can be discerned but I’m not sure if it will continue to be viewable / it should be shared. @bartv?

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I don’t mind.

Thought there were privacy concerns with the new EU legislation? Delete if so. Anyway it’s https://blenderartists.org/groups/approved_users?desc=true&filter=&order=last_seen_at

I did some more reading, and I doubt that seeing a username+timestamp is privacy-sensitive information. If nothing else, the ‘last posted’ and ‘last seen’ data is also public on your user card and profile page, so this groups link is not exposing any additional information.

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@bartv Not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I noticed that the first post of my addon thread seems to be a previous revision of the post from the old forum. I was able to find a cached version of the latest revision, so I can update it myself, but I thought you should know.
Here’s a link to the thread:

(Current Version should be 1.5b for example)

Do you still know when you made that edit?

The cached version I found gave this 06-Apr-18 at 20:15 as the last edit date.

Hmm, I can’t explain that. I’ll keep my eyes open for more issues like this.

Ok, thanks.

I think it might have to do with the posts that were lost during the migration. After the migration I noticed in the blender 2.8 thread there was a cap of about 4 days worth of posts missing. I’m guessing it was forum wide and not just limited to that thread.

April 6 wasn’t during that window though. It could be that this was the failing regexp issue; some posts with specific links apparently failed migration - we’re working on fixing those too.

No I don’t mean that posts made during the migration(there were none after all - migration wall/maintenance page in place) but last couple of days worth of posts fro before that. Yes, it likely has to do with the regexp, but probably more to it than just those posts with specific links.

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Good job! I like Blender Artist 2.0 very much! keep it up!!!


So was it published already? I’d like to bookmark it since I was searching for this thread for several times up until now and it always wasn’t easy.

For real, i never liked discourse. But the Blender Artists approach was so cool i changed my mind, i loved the new forum. Good job!!

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It is, but notepad or equivalent, preview panel and cancelling won’t leave drafts, publicly at least. Editing within 5 minutes too.