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You can’t adjust that, just keep reading. To get to the bottom at once, use the navigator on the side of the page - click on the time/date at the bottom.

Sorry if come back with this…If I’m the only one I’ll never post it again. :slight_smile:
I find that is quite difficult to visually understand the new threads or threads where someone replied with a new post.
In particular with the dark theme, the text color difference is really weak. If you dont’ want to use a color, please use a stronger solution (bold or more color difference).

thanks in advance.

Valid point. Please post your ideas or custom css here and tag with #custom-theme for further collaboration/discussion.

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Really, because pressing End once displays the last post in Firefox?
What’s your browser please?

@all Please vote so the wiki can be updated to account for other user experiences. Thanks.

  • End and Home keys jump to last and first post respectively.
  • End and Home keys jump only some of the way along the thread.
  • End and Home keys don’t do anything.

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Home/End works for me in Chrome/OSX as well as Firefox 59/OSX

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@bartv can we have back stats traffic, like new user (to wish him welcome), how many people are using the sites right, …

Who cares?..

You can access some basics stats here:


I like that you want to welcome new users. I’m not quite sure what’s the best way to do this, waiting to hear from the Discourse team about it:

@erickBlender Join date is in the hover card, click the user avatar or name. Users online can be discerned but I’m not sure if it will continue to be viewable / it should be shared. @bartv?

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I don’t mind.

Thought there were privacy concerns with the new EU legislation? Delete if so. Anyway it’s https://blenderartists.org/groups/approved_users?desc=true&filter=&order=last_seen_at

I did some more reading, and I doubt that seeing a username+timestamp is privacy-sensitive information. If nothing else, the ‘last posted’ and ‘last seen’ data is also public on your user card and profile page, so this groups link is not exposing any additional information.

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@bartv Not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I noticed that the first post of my addon thread seems to be a previous revision of the post from the old forum. I was able to find a cached version of the latest revision, so I can update it myself, but I thought you should know.
Here’s a link to the thread:

(Current Version should be 1.5b for example)

Do you still know when you made that edit?

The cached version I found gave this 06-Apr-18 at 20:15 as the last edit date.

Hmm, I can’t explain that. I’ll keep my eyes open for more issues like this.

Ok, thanks.