About the new Blender Artists

Thank you

Looking good indeed.

Hi bartv,

as you are here I have some questions if you don´t mind.
First of all, you and your team did a great job on migrating such a huge forum so smoothly.

What I think is missing from the old forum, which would be nice to have back:

the stats, how many are visiting the forum, who´s online right now,
If you upload a .blend how many downloads it has, all just from the top of my head.

Thanks for trying to make blenderartists better

You can find some basic stats on the About page. Discourse doesn’t have a ‘who’s online’ feature. People have been discussing it, but there are fears it goes against the upcoming GDPR privacy law in Europe.

If you post any link, including one to a .blend, Discourse will add a ‘click counter’ automatically.

Sorry, I can´t see the counter, where I have to look?

Also, What are the suggested topics based on, it seems to me, that they show me almost only my threads, that makes no sense, does it?

Frankly, might be my age, but I am struggling with this new look. It just seems a complete mess of icons. Add the loss of your subscribed threads, which means trying to recall all your threads, hunting them down, finding out how to subscribe, or really, how to do anything logically. I can honestly say this migration means I will very likely be spending a lot less time here as it seems to be gimmick over function.

You can see an example of the link counter on this post:

Not sure how the suggested topics are determined.

Some of the complaints are just childish. There was always gonna be problems transitioning to something new. It’s not like this was unexpected. I’m sure most of the active users knew this was coming. So there are some kinks that need to be ironed out. Okay. Give Bart a break. I look forward to the new platform and hope it goes well.


Go to the menu on the top right corner and hit unread, there should be all of your subscribed threads.

It takes time to process the new looks/functions.

People kept finishing their posts with nonsensical sentences.

Where can I find the old Forums
like basic material Modelling with links that i can add on my top bar on PC ect.

did find the one for WIP but not the other!

not used to this type of forum is there a short video explaining how to work with that !


It’s looking great, @bartv ! :+1:

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According to the badges there should be a tutorial for beginners and an advanced one somewhere. Did anyone find them? I think it would be really useful if there were a big orange button somewhere with “Beginners Click Here” linking to those tutorials. Almost all complaints I saw thus far are about things that you can do in Discourse, but the user was too lazy to figure out how.

(also, I want to get those badges :money_mouth_face: )

The @discobot gives a good introduction. Other than that, we’re putting together a ‘Getting Started’ guide here. Once it’s done we’ll add it to the top navigation!

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Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

love the new site guys! great work!

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That is ridiculous, there just needs to be an opt-out option for users.

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@Felix_Kutt @bartv Groups has a way to get pretty close to that atm.

Right and you can see who´s online here:


When the change is so big it’s common to rant for everything.
I’m not speaking about all the messages you sent until now…I’m referring to my first impressions.
So…I decided to wait until the situation is more clear and I gained a bit of experience with this new forum.

At the moment, the main issue I have is to clear visualize what are the thread I’ve already read against the unread/new ones.
Before we had the orange color for those…is it possible to reintroduce something similar?
Probably someone wrote this before me, so if you want to count the votes for a change, count me on! :slight_smile:

Long live to BA!!!