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I have a question regarding some blender trouble I am having, and I hope some kind soul here can illuminate me.

What I am trying to do is conceptually very simple. I just want to get an Icosphere to follow a path I have defined, and to have it be a particle emitter as it goes.

But No Matter what I do, the Icosphere is always offset from the path. It is following the path, but it is always a distance away. I have already explored the possibility that the Icosphere’s origin should be at the start of the path. I Add it with the Cursor at my intended origin vertex on the path, just to make sure. But as soon as I assign the “follow a path” constraint to the Icosphere, I get this offset problem.

Interestingly, if I dial down the “influence” function of the “follow path” constraint, the weird offset problem disappears, and the Icosphere goes back to the actual starting point I intended, but then it doesn’t actually follow the path. It just stays at the beginning.

I prepared a small animation illustrating this problem, but I am a new user, and can’t upload files yet.

I have looked at several tutorials, and Nobody seems to run into this problem, so it is never addressed for me. I am Really hoping somebody here can tell me what I am missing.

Much appreciated!

The Help says

" The owner is always evaluated in the global (world) space:

  • Its location (as shown in the Transform panel) is used as an offset from its normal position on the path. E.g. if you have an owner with the (1.0, 1.0, 0.0) location, it will be one unit away from its normal position on the curve, along the X and Y axis. Hence, if you want your owner on its target path, clear its location Alt-G!"

so I’m guessing you are putting the icosphere where you want it to start but it needs to start at world center (0,0,0 in the Transform panel) or it will offset

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