About the speed of eevee and cycles

Hello! I am new to the 2.93 blender and currently I have a problem on the speed of eevee and cycles.
Now I am using a system with 9700kf + 3060ti + 2.93-lts. If I choose to use cycles render, it will take about 15 seconds to finish rendering a scene, which is not a very complex and for test. But, if eevee is selected, it will take about 30 seconds finish. Similarly, if I select eevee, the viewport shading results of material and rendered are both very slow. The textures on the objects in the scene appear very slowly. According to the status bar, blender is doing shaders compilation. Could anyone know how to fix this problem? Many thanks for reading this post.

Besides, this rendering task is carried out on another system that is 5900x+1650super+2.93-lts. On this platform, the speed of eevee is much faster than that of cycles.

Do you have the latest video card drivers installed?

Eevee recompiles the entire shader graph when material is updated

Shader compilation is done on the CPU so your result is expected judging by the st performance of each cpus

Thank you for replying. Yes, I have tried both studio and gameready version. The performances are almost the same.

Many Thanks. I will read the sharing later and I think the contents are helpful. So, can I say cpus are more important than gpu in the eevee?

You still need the GPU for rendering

Yes, you are right. Perhaps it would be better to use cpu and gpu which are both high efficient.