About the Super Mario Movie 2023

I liked it. I got the feeling of eating a cold ice cream on a hot summer day during the movie.

Also I was lucky to not hear it in American voice casting so I could enjoy the character without having the image of any famous actors in my head when they talk.

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You are lucky. The American voice casting has been a huge deterrent for me, I haven’t seen it

I don’t get why they would use some actors regular voice for an animated movie. It’s called voice acting for a reason.

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I have heard lots of good comments about the movie. I haven’t watched it yet, but this tip for the summer ice cream is a good one, I will keep it mind.

Though I am not exactly why the movie has so much success. I mean that the cast is top and the brand is strong, but other than that is it probably for very specific and precise reasons, that caused all 2022 movies (and series) to flop real hard.

Then with this mindset, getting a very simple movie plot with the classic and standard and fixed format, looks like instant success to me. :sweat_smile:

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