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Thank you!

Hi there. I just created a Udemy course with Blender 2.8. Over 20 hours of content from the very beginning to some cool projects for just $9.99.
Is it ok for me to publish the link in this forum? I really don’t want to break any rules.

Is there a way to advertise it officially with some payment?

Can anyone suggest a good tutorial ‘BOOK’ for Blender 2.8 ?
I have to admit I don’t like forums, it just takes to long to find how things work, and tutorials on YouTube never have what I’m looking for.
I don’t do animation or games etc

i think there is not any good book for paticular blender, but there are some books on modelling, i had also learnt blender only using tutorials, best way to follow blender guru, else you need book names just reply me and i will give you some good book names.
here i am giving you some youuber’s name :slight_smile:just follow them:
grant abbit, blender guru , cd geeks , polygon runway, ian hubert

Hi, I am a beginner Blender 2.83 user (learner). I am a natural therapist, and my dream is to create simple 3D images to demonstrate how I meditate (using colors and symbols).
So, I would love to have fairly basic 3D images of men and women, mostly sitting, laying, and possible walking (clothing is not necessary and can be a ‘wireframe’ image only) and then animate those images so that different body parts become filled with color, and symbols appear around the person, and through the person.
Is there any good tuition that you could recommend to help me to learn how to use MB-LAB or Blender well enough to be able to achieve that sort of animation?
I would dearly appreciate any assistance.
Thank you, Ross

What kind of specific information are you looking to find in a “book” that you contrast “not finding what you want” in youtube or forums? Honest question. Thanks.