About UV editor etc

Hi there,

I am still learning how to do UVs inside of Blender. I use maya or 3dsMax usually.

So I have a face selected in the UV editor, but how do i know what part of the face i have selected on the mesh ?

And if i deselect the mesh, I cant see the UVs anymore… nor can i select them inside the UV editor.

On the UV Editor header enable the ‘Keep UV and Edit Mode mesh selection in sync’ button (next to vertex/edge/face/island selection buttons)

Thanks for the fast reply.

I noticed while in this mode… UV island cannot be selected from the menu. Is there a way to select the UV island while in sync mode ?

Another thing i noticed … is in sync mode… If i want to edit a UV , vertex etc… another UV of the same mesh but its a separated UV island also gets moved around…

I suggest you look at the Select menu for select options
Holding L selects linked vertics

Ensure you do not have proportional editing or scultp editing enabled
Also Sticky Selection options on header

Also some info in the manual https://www.blender.org/manual/editors/uv_image/index.html

I am looking at it , but I don’t see where it talks about my issue. Which is… in sync mode… its acting like sticky mode is on. But in sync mode , there is no such thing as sticky mode. Proportional editing is disabled as well.