about videocards, 460 or 470.. Details inside

I have the opportunity to buy at basically the same price a GTX 460 with 2GB or a GTX 470 1.2GB… I know that cuda cores on 470 are more, but i don’t know how blender stack with more RAM and if the lack of cuda cores and the more ram is better than the opposite!
What do you suggest me?
Thanks in advance!

additional info:

Cpu is a Q9550 BUS speed 334mhz
Mainboard is p5g41
Ram is 8GB CORSAIR ddr3 DRAM Frequency 533 MHZ CAS 8

anyone could help me? i have to choose within 24 hours :slight_smile:

I would go for the 2 GB card

It depends on your workflow.
If you are the highpoly guy and use 2048-4096 pixel textures you need the 2 GB of the GTX 460.
The GTX 470 is about 10-15% faster.

Cheers, mib.

mm thank you guys.
I forgot to say that im starting to use CYCLES as my main renderer for a ride!
I can pack up some money and invest on a 560… Now the dilemma is… 560 2gb or 560ti 1gb (less RAM but 448 cores)
I would like to use GPU processing and my main goal is to achieve 10-15 minutes movies like the blender ones (elephant dreams or BBB for example) or cartoonish ones… What do you suggest me? Thanks in advance!

(when im saying elephant dreams or BBB i know they can’t be in human time rendered by a single GPU, but just to give you an idea of what im pointing at)

I have a 570 and my brothers 550 is just about the same so if you dont game go with a 550!

so it’s better the 560 with 2GB than the 560 with more processors but less ram? (it costs also a bit less!)
No i don’t game…

That is entirely wrong. In Cycles a GTX570 would garanteed be more than twice as fast as a GTX550!!! :frowning:

GTX550 w/ 192 CUDA cores w/ GPU & memory running at lower speed than a GTX570 w/ 480 CUDA cores - of course it’s waaay slower…

And I recommend you buy a 2Gb card. You can live with a bit slower card but you can’t live with a card with practical limitations. And though there of course is the limitation of 2Gb it’s a big difference from a card with 1-1.25Gb…

ok so i go with 560 and 2GB (560ti and 570 with 2 gigs are way too expensive for me now!)
Oh last thing, is that 2GB a big limitation? Im used to computer RAM, i know nothing about GPU… Any examples?

Well depends on how crazy you feel at the moment. Going through a 300 page discussion is a little much.
If you wanna know more about GPU just google it. There are plenty of wiki and articles out there with good information.
Forums should stay secondary if you want to learn something !


My link is to a page which is 2-3 pages back from the last page, there’s where the latest discussions on VRAM is… :slight_smile:

ouchhh that’s a really discussed topic!
i’ll take a look, but from your experience do you think that’s better to have double ram capacity (1 vs 2gb) instead of having a “slightly” faster card?? i would like to ear from you what do you think about it ! I don’t have any experience in how scenes affect vram… I mean, i can wait more it’s okay but the RAM thing i think it’s an hardware barrier… clueless :slight_smile:

Yes, that’s exactly it. Very nice with a fast card, but a fast card will do you no good for a scene that doesn’t fit into VRAM - then you gotta go CPU which is sloooooow… So, if you’re buying a card specifically for use with Cycles (or other GPU accelerated renderer) choose a card with the absolute most VRAM you can find. Imo.

amazing! Thanks!
One last thing, i have no idea of what can 2GB VRAM can achieve, i never dig onto GPU rendering… Are there some benchmarks or personal experience stuff that can enlight me about this?