About weekend challenge

(Jolly Gnome) #1

I didn’t know if I could post this to the weekend challenge forum or not, so here comes:

I was wondering if the weekend challenge should include one more category besides the “pure” and “open”… I’m talking about a category, in which the images are TRULY pure Blender made, meaning no external textures, post processing, nothing. Not even (texture) plugins would be allowed. It would add a something to the contest, as to how well people can actually use the procedurals of Blender…

Also, if that category was to be included, the people using that should be rewarded somehow, maybe by granting one additional vote for all of them?

Or… maybe there should be started a whole new contest? Monthly one, where only allowed entries would be “truly pure”… and maybe the subject should be voted? First… say… 5-10 suggestions for subject, and then a poll?

How does any of this sound?

(blengine) #2

sounds complicated…i like it as is now…one thing i liked about your idea though, is rewarding totally pure blender entries a vote…that would be cool =)

(ectizen) #3

Hmm… An interesting idea… although I think this might be better suited to your idea for a new contest.

The Weekend Challenge has been set up in such a way as to give people pretty much free reign to do whatever they like for their entry. “Make Something Cool” is the final goal - not “Make Something New And Cool In Blender”. The favouring of Pure entries with the whole Pure/Open class thing is just my way of asking the voters to hold Open entries to a slightly higher standard, since all other things being equal, they probably expend less effort for the same result.

I like your idea for a new contest, though :slight_smile:
<hint> the last time I offered suggestions for a contest, I ended up running it :wink: </hint>

btw, does your signature refer to the Norwegian anti-ship missile?