"Above" - going to be a scifi scene eventually

The first inklings of a larger project, in the end this will be a scene with the full character and some animation. Working title: “Above”, for currently non-obvious reasons :slight_smile:

Step 1: A sculpted portrait of the character, with some lighting indicating the mood, toon shader setup in Eevee.

I was playing with the new LineArt modifier, but wasn’t too happy with the results, so no outlines for now. Maybe I’ll bring them back later.


Worked through the character sculpt, even retopologized her, rigged and posed. I think I made every possible mistake along the way, but at least learned a lot, especially about rigify :sweat_smile:
Now figuring out the composition and camera angle for the whole scene. Hope to be able to show the full frame next!


Looks really good to me. Lips and eyes look great and I dig the lighting. Great stuff

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Thanks for the feedback!

Figured out the composition, I think… amazing how much there’s always left to learn, whenever I think this time I know what I’m doing, lol. Now simply make everything look better.

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Well you clearly didn’t make every mistake in rigging and retopology, since she looks quite naturally posed. ; D

Final image turned out nice too.

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Thanks! I did have to do the rig twice, though, and then still needed to tweak the posed mesh. Which was OK in this case, since there isn’t much animation. I’m happy with the result, it just feels I spent way more hours than necessary :slight_smile:

Done! Posts move down fast in the finished project section, so I’ll include a link here: finished project.