Above Icy world


Yeah… i was experimenting with lighting and componodes. It turned out pretty well.
To me it was new thing here to find out that compo nodes feel like taking up more time than the render itself… never had that before.

Please drop Critz / Comments…

looks great, love the cold feel of it, although the dull brown of the cockpit glass looks a little out of place. Other than that its awsome

Looks awesome, although your planet seems to emit a bit too much light, it feels like a huge lightbulb to me. And I would make the windows clear glass not brown like Saypen said.

I agree that the planet is too bright! You should try bring a piece of it into shadow… That would look pretty cool I think. Very nice scene and great modelling and painting!

Little confess… the planet is just mattepainting by my friend… :S Though, some of the postpro filters in nodes is affecting it a bit.

Hahaha thats funny, and we all thought it was a model, well then your friend has got some skills. Anyay you can probably fix it in Photoshop or Blender.

I suppose i could have done the planet myself. But it seemed to waste of my time really. I wanted to focus on the ship itself.

And indeed the ship is nice and the image composition is great. :slight_smile:

Wow. Reminds me of the ships in Descent; and the first thing the composition made me think of was the ‘warp drift’ ending of Descent 2. . . . Nice: )

I see some type of coffe/water stain at th ebottom right corner of the planet.
Really destroys the image IMO.
Model and lighting is perfect. Love the node work too.
4 stars. Waiting for you to fix that little problem so i can up your rating.

Explanation on the coffee stain: The planet was mattepaint for some scifi story / animation film thingy (that ended up being cancelled and being pure ¤#%# :stuck_out_tongue: ) … that planet is practically big ball of ice… and story involved element where it had been extensively strip mined… therefore it had few of these big holes on it… very big… holes. But i guess that doesnt cover up the fact that YES it looks odd without context. :slight_smile:

hmm that works. I guess it wasn’t your fault. 5 stars from me.

Good job, nice modeling and atmosphere.
And I like that new word you just made up, ‘componodes’:stuck_out_tongue:

my one crit is on the space ship lighting. It’s way too bright for anything in outer space. The lighting up there is usually very bright from just one angle with VERY hard shadows. it seems that you used an extra light to accent the detail in the shadows, which is a good thing, but it’s way too strong.
Look at the lighting on these.

The shadows will add a lot of contrast to the ship and make the image feel a lot less flat. It’ll really help make it pop.

Its kinda funny really… I usually use too little light coz i never got the texture / general feeling to work good… Now i am overdoing the light… .Well gotta remember that for finals.

I know it kind of hurts having to light a scene where you would lose a bunch of the detail you put in like the stuff under the cockpit, but it really makes the picture come alive. If you want to show off a model, lighting like that works fine, but for a final comp it would really pop with some really dark shadows on the ship.
It’s definately a balancing act. On the one hand you don’t want to cover up all your detail, and on the other, you don’t want your picture to feel flat or emotionless.

Yeah… I’ve had some lessons about this. But as said this was bit experimental on the lighting and componodes.

my one crit is on the space ship lighting. It’s way too bright for anything in outer space.


The earth, or in that case a big ice planet acts like a giant light reflecting mirror, like those big silver umbrellas that photographers use to light a scene.

The lighting of a space scene depends on the light setup, just like on earth.

Near a planet you may have up to three or more light sources (if there is a moon or two). In interplanetary space you only have light from the sun. In inter solar space there is only soft star light, almost blackness, whilst in inter galactic space you’d only have light from the far off galaxies. Very black.

The nasa photos are taken during the “day” with the sun illuminating one side, whilst the earth illuminates the other so there is good all round illumination… There is however no atmospheric diffusion of light, so the shadows are very hard edged and black.

Nice job. The only thing is the coffe stain on the planet or else it looks great. I like the lighting and composition.