Abraham Lincoln 3D

Hey Guys! :yes:
I used the blender 2.70 to make this model of Lincoln, and post-production used the Gimp. I hope you enjoy! Thank’s!

“Four score and twenty years ago…”

:smiley: Looks great!

Thanks ! :smiley:

looks awesome the right eye is just looking weird and the texture is low res but man its awesome
love the background

Heh, beard looks like fake. Not only in this render, his real beard always looked “glued” for me. :evilgrin:

Good job overall.

So dude, I heed me when the resolution of the texture was too late, was really low. And in the case of the eye, I noticed several photos of Lincoln and realized he had an eye on a position different from other eye … I wanted to try to get as close as possible. Thanks for the comments! :slight_smile:

Very Nice modeling and everything.
Your model is fantastic but I feel like your postproduction is way too saturated.

Bothe the background and the character have fire like colours, I would desaturate both of them a little and slightly change the colour of the background to focus on the character.

Nice jobe again.

DUDE! Awesome job, really impressive.

Looks amazing. 5/5 stars

Thanks! :slight_smile: