Abrams Tank (warning: noobage)

I made this tank as the final project of the basic modeling section of the Noob to Pro wikibook. I downloaded a schematic of a tank for inspiration. The wheels are messed up, because I applied a material to them in edit mode and now I can’t seem to undo it. On a whole, I’d say that the textures are the weakest part. I don’t really know anything about textures, I just applied a couple of brown/green/black cloud textures to get that army-camo look. But it looks like it’s too dark.

Thanks for looking. Comments/critiques/help welcomed.



yeah, youl need a couple more lights to make it look good. The texturing is a fine color, but yeah, your weakest point. Its too dark to tell, but did you use
UV mapping? or just the proceedural textures. The general shape is pretty good(prob owing a lot to you schematic).
It the moment, it looks like a lowpoly gamemodel.
Wih some dedication, it could be very good
good luckpeace out