abrasion generator

update: blend added

there was an old topic about the automatic abrasion generating: http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?t=70521

now I get the idea again I with nodes I start to make a good abrasion generator
it based on the vertex color and the “self shadow color” feature of Blender (see vertex paint menu)

the method is simple: we use the vertex color as mask but modulated with the abrasion mask texture
so this is not a simple blending with vertex color

this is the first result


super_abrasion_shader1.blend (265 KB)

Looks good!

How about an example blend?

this is an example of a serious use


I’ve wanted to be able to do this in Blender for a long while. At present, I am doing it in Carrara using a plug-in called “Anything Goos” ( http://www.digitalcarversguild.com/plugin.php?ProductId=17). I then bake the texture in Carrara and import it back into Blender for final composition. I would love to learn how you did this in Blender! :slight_smile:

This has some serious potential. Will be very keen to see you explore/showcase this further!

can we get the latest script version and where?

and is there a short video showing how to use this?

also are you worling to do this in 2,5 ?

happy 2.5

update: blend added, see first post

where can we get theses pictures to do this effect ?

look very interesting but with no good iagme difficult to experiment this

wht are theses PSD file ?

nice work with nodes

happy 2.5

It is interesting, but not convincing enough. Can you add displacement or normal to it so it actually looks like the scratches have affected the surface instead of just being painted on?

I use this to bake the scratches. Then I make normal map too using the baked texture.

But you can advance the .blend. :slight_smile:

new example :slight_smile:


Very cool, I got some pretty convincing results using this method, its too bad there isn’t some way of imputing real AO instead of vertex colors.

you can bake real ao and use it as mask in my node setup