abslolute shape keys

Ok this is may sound like a detail but i need it for a production so…
I m actually using absolute shape keys for transformation of few objects. The trouble is I can t find the way to turn the interpolation between keys from spline to linear. I always got these awfull spline interpolation. I there a way?
By the way in next release a global option to set up if you want to start animate in linear or spline or constant would be really cool.

No animation gourou that could help me…

Is this what you are looking for??


Well i m talking about absolute shape keys. you got to turn off relative button. with absolute you can quickly set up stop motion animation. but i can t find a way to get the curve to linear or to constant. with relative keys you need to keyframe 3 times : one before one at the moment of the deformation. and one after. and if you got multiple déformation you need to cross keyframing.
I don t know if i m clear.
But i m not talking about relative shape keys

AFAIK any IPO curve, for any purpose, can be set for Constant, Linear or Bezier (what you call constant, linear, and spline) with same command: T-KEY, <1,2, or 3>, or menu item Curve/Interpolation Mode (same options available).

If that isn’t what you mean, maybe illustrate your problem with a screenshot.

Out of interest, are you trying to imitate a stop-motion “pixilated” effect? In that case, it seems you may want the Constant mode, so there’s no interpolation of any kind between shapes.

that s what i want to achieve stop motion like effect. The trouble is that using absolute shape keys only give you the choice between linear cardinal and spline for the keys. there is no interpolation possible. certainly due to the way it s done… But you help me at least to figure that out.

I’m not all that familiar with using Absolute shape keys, but a little testing shows that if you use Relative keys with the Constant interpolation type, you can create a stepped (stop-motion-like) effect with no interpolation between shapes in the intermediate keys. By keying on twos, threes, or even fours you can get a good pixilated effect:

For me, Relative shape keys are much easier to both understand and manipulate.

yes you are right but i was looking for a lazy way to do. and absolute shape keys offer the possibility to animate vertex directly on the time line. were relative shape keys need to be created then keyed. 2 more steps by movements.

My test was interesting in that I was playing around with a relative shape key sequence made from a cloth sim – all the keying was done by the import process, at a specified 4-frame interval (“on the fours”), with Linear IPO curves autogenerated by the import script – very fast. Select all the IPOs, hit T-KEY, 1 (convert to Constant IPO curve type) and bingo, pixilated shape key sequence! In playback the sequence did look a lot like (in this case) kind of poorly done stop-motion – adds a new visual effect to my toolbox, since you can export nearly any kind of deformation (such as armature-driven animations) to .mdd format and re-import that as shape keys.