(absolute beginner) Multiple textures on one mesh

I’m pretty certain this has been covered somewhere, but I can’t for the life of me figure out the search terms google wants. Also, the captcha on this site seems severely broken. Forgive my repetition.

I’ll cut to the chase, I’m playing around with blender, and I’m making a simple sword. How do I assign a separate texture to the handle, than to the blade, without making the handle a separate object?

Thank you.

Ah yes… this is the difference between Materials, and Vertex Areas. There can be multiple Materials (one for each colour) but you need a separate “Vertex Area” to define the separate areas of the mesh. In short, you make the handle one vertex area, the main blade another, and then assign different materials to each of those groups.

Go to Shading panels (F5 key) and hit the red ball icon. Decide to “Add new” material to your shape and change its colour. Probably this is about where you are at; the whole shape will go that colour.What you have now is one big area group of that colour.

Now go into the Editing panel (F9 key). To the left you will see the needed buttons to make new groups. Go into EDIT mode now! Face select some other faces (but not all) to become a new colour. Now hit “New” on the right side of the panel (to make a new material) then you hit “Assign” (important). This has actually made a new material copy of the old one, so you can’t see much difference.

All you need to do now is click the coloured square and change it in the pop up.

I admit this is a very confusing area. There are reasons why it is as it is, but it is confusing to have “Vertex Groups” right next to this part, and “Materials” showing up in separate panels, with only the original (F5) version allowing you to properly name a material.

I’m hoping they might work a way of making this more user friendly in the 2.50+ versions of Blender.

Have I made it simple enough? The question is actually quite complex.

Awesome thanks I got it!