Absolute Beginner - Sculpting a "crew cut" hairstyle


So I have been working with Blender for just over a year now. I am teaching myself, and I have no prior training. I use sites like the main site for Blender, Blender Cookie, etc… for tutorial videos and I loosely follow along and kind of do my own thing.

Starting a few days ago, I learned how to sculpt, but mostly just used the Grab, Crease, Clay, Draw and Smooth brushes. I am very pleased with how my first human head is turning out, and so is my test subject/victim.

I am pretty much done modeling their face and everything, all that is really left is adding their hairstyle, which is a short crew cut.

I watched a bunch of tutorials on hair but none seem to do the crew cut. Also note that we will be 3D printing the head for a figurine, so I’d like to have the hair solid on the head with a few small crease lines going through it to make it look like hair.

Is there any specific way I should tackle this? which brushes should I use in sculpt mode?

Thanks so much in advance!


sounds like a job for the new masking feature, which is covered in the release notes