Absolute Shape Keys

Hi all,

I’m a bit at a loss on how to set my absolute shape keys to the frames I want. I’m following the documentation in this link: http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Doc:Manual/Animation/Basic/Deformation/Absolute_Shape_Keys but but somewhere along the way I think I may have messed up.

Right now I’ve got a rigged model, and have successfully made 3 absolute keys (1 basis and 2 other keys). I’m not using relative shape keys (they’re not facial expressions or similar, I’m deforming the entire mesh). During the creation of the keys I think I did things in the wrong order so now I have frame 1 showing the basis key and the rest of the frames showing key 2. Key 1 doesn’t seem to appear at any frames even though I can select it from the list and it appears in the 3D window but as soon as I move the frames it resets to key 2.

I’m assuming I have to set where the keys appear in the frames via the IPO window but couldn’t figure out how to manipulate it for shape keys in particular. Tab key doesn’t seem to work for this IPO type and all I can do is grab the lines for each absolute shape key and move it up and down the window. I’m not even sure what the Y values stand for in this IPO type, and since the line only stays a straight horizontal line I don’t quite see how I’m supposed to manipulate it.

Any help is appreciated.

Okay, I figured out why I couldn’t see any differences in using Tab key in the IPO window, I didn’t have any control points added in. But now that I’ve added some I’m still a bit confused… There seems to be 2 different lines/curves for each key. One (in curve edit mode) that is only horizontal and can only be (G)rabbed and moved up and down the Y axis and the other (in point edit mode) which acts like the loc/rot/scale IPOs. I can’t quite figure out how the two lines affect each other for each key shape.