Absolute sizes and co-ordinates?

Hello there, I’m trying to position some points according to some measurements but the I can’t seem to put in an absolute figure, only a relative one.
For example, I have a cube with a loopcut on each side, this leaves me with 4 quadrants, so how can for example resize the upper right face to exactly 3.3 by 3 blender units?
Here’s a picture to explain:

I’m looking for something to simply change the absolute height, width and length.

Secondly, say I take a point in the same cuboid from above, for example the upper-middle one, how could I reposition it to exactly x5, y5?


pressing ‘N’ brings up the transform properties panel. There you can set the exact positions for vertices in realation to the object center.

Also in the ‘Mesh Tools More’ panel in the ‘Editing’ buttons (F9) you can turn on edge length, then blender will show the lengths of selected edges, and adjacent edges (only when moving or scaling the selected edge)

now as soon as you edit your object you loose the values in the Ctrl-n transform panel

to get the final values you need to control-A your object
this will recalculate all values for lenghts and angles

then you can check the real values


this may help…how to do an exact edge slide


Model with the object at center. Then all the n transformations will be absolute from the center. You can also turn on snapping in preferences. This with the edge length display would be a great way to do it.